What you should expect from us...

As a college preparatory program, we want to ensure that our student's are leaving this program with the right tools and a good understanding of what's expected of them beyond high school. Through our strategically planned year-long curriculum, activities, and events, we will strive to meet these objectives. Please refer below for additional details to help you understand how we plan on doing so.

Students should gain...

  • Positive behavior and attitudes in regular school (i.e. not going one-on-one with officials)
  • How to network and utilize support systems
  • Financial literacy
  • "Rites of Passage" training
  • Image Sessions (Standard English usage and exceptional behavior)
  • How to "Dress for Success"
  • Table etiquette
  • Public speaking skills
  • Solving conflicts without confrontation
  • Planned parenthood training (discussions on sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases, and teen pregnancy)

What the program is doing...

  1. Increasing the number of African-American students who will enroll in college after high school
  2. Design instructional strategies which work with at-risk students
  3. Assist students in goal setting and potential career choices
  4. Expose students to successful role models and college experiences
  5. Assist students in understanding the value of establishing superior work ethics and the value generated from their efforts
  6. Help students understand racial pride, their culture, and the role they play in society

Meeting Information- Vallejo Program/Stockton Program

Days and Times:

Vallejo Program: Monday Nights

Locations: John Finney High School Annex PD Center 1347 Amador Street Vallejo

                 Jesse Bethel High School Library

Joint Meetings will be once per month at Vallejo High School

Stockton Program: Wednesday Nights

Location: Chavez High School- College and Career Center

Study Hall begins at 5:30pm

Program begins at 6:30pm and ends at 8:30pm

Uniform Requirement

Standard Uniform

All students are required to dress in uniform  for every meeting and event.

Standard Uniform includes:

Khaki Pants (Tan, Black, Blue, or Brown)

Pants must fit on natural waistline with a belt.

Solid Color Collared Shirt (Polo white or black for New Scholars)

Comfortable closed sole shoes. NO FLIP Flops or Slides. 

Dress for Success
White Blouse/Button up and Black Bottom (Slacks/Skirt)
Black or White Dress (Must reach bottom of knee)
Comfortable Dress Shoes 
Dress Socks and/or Stockings/Nylon