The Willie B. Adkins Scholars Program

Making The Dream Become A Reality

Welcome Adkins Scholar Parents

Point System/Rubric 

Willie B. Adkins Scholars Program Point System

In order to better hold students accountable and evaluate their commitment, a point system that tracks key expectations of students in the project has been developed.  Points accumulated will be used to determine if students qualify to go on the Out of State College Tour, and project scholarships/awards. 

Please refer to pages 7 & 8 in your Scholars Student Handbook that is available in their Willie B. Adkins Google Classroom


Calendar/Parent Communications

Please refer to the Calendar for updated details on parent meeting dates by site location. Please note, the parent meetings will be held at one location. Parents are required to attend the parent meetings.

Any questions or concerns can be addressed to Mrs.  LaShonda Wallace, Parent Network Coordinator

You can also send us a text message via Remind App. Please make sure you have added yourself to our communications list. 

Upcoming Events

Sunday, Jul 7 at 11:00 AM - Monday, Aug 5 12:00 PM

Community Service

Refer to the Community Service tab for up to date information. 

College Tour Updates

Deposits are due December 3, 2018. Refer to the Parent Communication tab for more information