The Willie B.  Adkins  Scholars  Program

Making The Dream Become A Reality

Tanner Quest

(written by Maralyn Molock Scott)
There is much in life I want to do

There is much that I want to be
It's just that I didn't really know
How to get the best from me

Is there help around the corner
As in years that passed before?
Ah, yes, but the room is crowded
Students standing up by the door

From the classroom came a message
"All mortgaged dreams left here,
You must find that inner heeding,
Following all that you hold dear."

I'd received much information
Tried to sort this from the rest
I had found that something special
Fondly called- the Tanner quest


I pledge that from this day forward I will strive to love my brothers and sisters as I love myself.  

I will strive to improve myself spiritually, morally and academically.  

I pledge that I will study hard and develop my mind and my spirit.  

I pledge to learn all I can about the contributions of those who came before me.  I want to understand what the struggle is all about.

I pledge to increase my knowledge of my culture and the cultures of others.  

I pledge to improve my knowledge of self so that I may live with purpose.  

I pledge to set realistic goals and develop a superior work ethic.  

I pledge to reach back and pull up my sisters and my brothers with the helping hand of brotherhood.  

I realize that we are stronger together than we are apart.  

All this I pledge.