The Willie B.  Adkins  Scholars  Program

Making The Dream Become A Reality


Mr. Willie B. Adkins and Mrs. Maryann Adkins

The Willie B. Adkins Scholars Program (WBAS) began in 1986 as the Tanner Project. Funded by a three-year federal grant, the programs objective was to increase the number of African American students enrolling in college. Since the program?s inception it has evolved into a comprehensive community/district co-funded support program for all high school students and their parents.

The program has successfully graduated a number of Vallejo students, primarily of African American descent, who are now returning to the community as professionals to help a new generation of students pursue their college dreams and/or future endeavors. 

The WBAS Program has been recognized and featured by KTVU-FOX and KGO-ABC television, and has been honored by the Del Monte Corporation and the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) for its exemplary achievements.

The Adkins Scholars Program can boast of many successes over the years and has a great record of motivating students to set college education as a goal worth pursuing. We have seen former Adkins Scholars go on to become doctors, lawyers, business professionals and teachers to name a few. The current class of Adkins' Scholars pledges to continue the legacy.